Get involved this Earth Hour

2017 marks a special year for Earth Hour as it will be 10 years since the lights off event first launched. An idea born in Australia when millions of people and thousands of businesses first switched off to make a statement about climate change, Earth Hour has grown to become a global phenomenon with over 172 countries participating, and 7000 cities and towns worldwide.
Our actions on climate change will shape the future for our children. They know more about climate change than any other generation. And they have extraordinary views on what they want for their planet.

Global warming, caused by carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil, is having a huge impact on the world around us. It isn’t just affecting the polar ice-caps, it’s impacting the people and places we love.

So, on Saturday, 25th March, switch off to support progress for the next generation.

Here are some ways you can get involved this Earth Hour:

  1. Switch off your lights during Earth Hour

  2. Host an event – choose a place that is special to you and your community, or invite friends and family over for a candlelit dinner

  3. Tune in – watch the Earth Hour documentary by tuning in to Channel 10 on Saturday 25 March 2017

  4. Get into nature – Download the Questagame App on your smartphone or tablet and take part in the special Earth Hour nature challenge in the week of Earth Hour

  5. Spread the word – download an Earth Hour poster from au and display it in your home, office or workplace

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