Issue 15, A new direction

Do you find life seems to harness a certain stillness and quietness at this time of year? Basking in the sun’s soft rays during the day and welcoming the quick onset of winter evenings can be pure bliss and a pleasant change of pace from the too often frenzied pace of summer. While many embrace this seasonal shift into winter, others suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, with their body clock thrown in chaos, affecting mood, sleep and appetite patterns.

In this issue of Breathe, focus inward to uncover how mindfulness and self-care can help you cope with the seasonal changes that are out of your control. Perhaps our articles on natural sleep oils for improved slumber will help, and we’ve even gathered our favourite goodies from luxurious waffle bath robes, drinking chocolate, sleep mists and more that will be essential for embracing the cooler months ahead. We also look at changes in your professional life, with tips on how to reassess your work-life balance (workaholics we’re looking at you!) and even reinvigorate your life with a change in career. It’s all in our latest issue, on sale now.

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