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Love to daydream and enjoy spending time alone, but don’t have a space that evokes that Zen mood?

Love to daydream and enjoy spending time alone, but don’t have a space that evokes that Zen mood? Sami Fidock from Figbowl has some creative tips on how to transform your outdoor area into your own serene sanctuary…


Choose natural colours that bring the outside in. Greens, beiges, stones and oatmeal colours are calming, inviting and help create a light and airy feel. Try not to add too much colour; a dash of vibrancy can help with creativity but too much will clash your vision as you try to relax and be tranquil.


Choose old, second-hand pieces of furniture that can afford a coffee stain, being speckled with rain drops or getting a touch sunburnt. A creative and relaxed area is somewhere that proactively invokes comfortable, feel-good vibes. A place where you take one look around and think “I love being here”, a space that can help boost your imagination and creative thinking. Marks, stains and scratches all tell their own story; they could remind you of the time that you stayed up until dawn chatting with good friends, the time you tripped over your own feet, or the days when grandpa used to sit and read the newspaper in ‘his’ seat. Don’t remove them, they are priceless!


Try making your own inspiration board filled with words and sayings that inspire you and help keep your attitude positive. Chalkboard paint is easily available and you can even get it in different colours. If you want to change things up, regularly use traditional chalk that will wipe away easily, and for a more prominent look, use chalk markers.


In an outdoor room, plants are extremely important. They can increase creativity and boost happiness, productivity and innovation. Plants will also provide cleaner air, even in an outdoor area, and can also help lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety and stress. Peace Lilies, African Violets, succulents and ferns are all perfect plants for an outdoor room because they love a shaded area but need natural light.


Find “one off” handmade pottery that will not only look divine but will be visually appealing to eat from. There is nothing more comforting and relaxing than sitting down and hugging a mug filled with your favourite warm drink. It allows you to sink into that chair, close your eyes and totally switch off! Not only do hand-crafted ceramics look beautiful and tactile, they also make your food or drink taste delicious!


While taking an afternoon break, help boost your creativity by filling your favourite small bowl with fresh berries and walnuts, or treat yourself to a couple of pieces of dark chocolate as you sip on a cup of green tea. The fatty acids from the walnuts play a crucial role in proper brain function and the antioxidants in berries, dark chocolate and green tea help keep your brain cells healthy.

This article was originally published in Issue 3, Breathe Magazine – Restore Serenity.

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