The art of friendship

From sketching to sculpture and painting to poetry, creating art can be a lonely game. But when two artists really...

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Altered ego

Remember pretending to be a superhero as a kid and feeling as though you could do anything? It turns out there’s something in that childlike...


Handle with care

Let’s show our hardest-working extremities the nurturing they deserve


Rebel with a cause

Sometimes, conforming to what's expected of you gets to be a little tiresome. That's when it's time to reconnect with your inner rebel


All for you

We're often quick to share our picture-perfect moments on social media. But could keeping them to ourselves feel even better?


10 benefits of being still

Pausing for 60 seconds can help you reset the trajectory of your day

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More than skin deep

Psychodermatology, a relatively new discipline, is showing there are benefits to be gained from treating skin problems with psychological...


How do you doodle?

There's a lot more to all that seemingly random scribbling than meets the eye


Seeds of change

When habits take root and prevent us from progression, even the smallest adjustment – that’s significant to you – can encourage fresh...


Guilt-free glee

Why can't we simply enjoy the things we enjoy?


On the same page

From local meet ups to international networks, the tradition of discussing books seems as old as the written word itself. Here’s how to take a...