Self-care Month

Oven-baked broccoli and cauliflower steaks

This satisfying and nourishing dish from Lee Holmes is perfect as a side, or even the main event

Self-care Month

Sustain your brain

Support your mental health with these nourishing superfoods

Self-care Month

Food to improve your mood

Breathe speaks to Lee Holmes: nutritionist, wholefoods chef, and author of 'Supercharged Food' and 'Heal Your Gut'

Self-care Month

Microalgae green smoothie

Thanks to the blueberries and bananas, this gut-friendly green smoothie from Lee Holmes is still sweet and creamy.

Self-care Month

Stretch the stress away

Learn the core yoga poses to support good mental health with insight meditation teacher, spiritual mentor, and yoga instructor Kate Duncan.

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Self-care Month

Soothe the soul

Jenna Ramondo of Musings from the Moon shares her self-care rituals


Altered ego

Remember pretending to be a superhero as a kid and feeling as though you could do anything? It turns out there’s something in that childlike...


The art of friendship

From sketching to sculpture and painting to poetry, creating art can be a lonely game. But when two artists really connect, sparks often fly and...


Handle with care

Let’s show our hardest-working extremities the nurturing they deserve


Rebel with a cause

Sometimes, conforming to what's expected of you gets to be a little tiresome. That's when it's time to reconnect with your inner rebel