Self seeking

Sometimes we choose change. Sometimes change chooses us. Whichever your experience right now, what matters is your...

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Spirited away

They may have evolved since ancient times, but ghost stories continue to enthral, fascinate and terrify in equal measure


A clean slate

Life's too short to spend time doing something you don't enjoy - but where does cleaning fit into that ethos?


State of the art

Found the perfect spot for your latest print, painting or sculpture? You might be reluctant to move it ever again, but doing so could help you...


Words from within

Journal writing can encourage you to stand strong and speak your truth


Curious and curiouser

Rather than focusing on answers, it might help instead to start asking different questions

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Ways to create a habit of calm

From a one-minute breathing exercise to an hour’s reflexology session, here are 10 routes to inner peace


As good as your word

It’s easy to let negative, self-effacing statements slip in from time to time


Take a moment

When worries seem mountainous, tuning into mindfulness and focusing on what you can feel, hear and see can bring peace and calm


The power of anger

Used in the right way, anger has the ability to liberate and even to heal


To feel unreal

When anxious feelings turn into an otherworldly experience – a personal view