Instant fix

Slow down and discover the nurturing potential of mindful photography for the newsfeed.

In the rush to keep the digital presence fresh 24/7 it’s easy to find yourself clicking, uploading and posting images without too much thought. However there’s quite a lot of debate at the moment about the drawbacks of this digital world most people have signed up for.

It’s important to bear in mind that social media sites are designed to be addictive. Avoiding that addiction is impossible unless you come offline and refuse to engage. If you want to be part of the connected world, it’ll be to your psychological and neurological benefit if you’re able to manage your impulses where you can and recognise compulsions where you can’t. There is a choice not to post while rushing. You can make the decision to slow down instead, to bracket your time online in a space in which to stop, engage the senses and breathe.

Tips for posting mindfully on social media

Turn off your push notifications. They’re extra dopamine hits that will deplete your brain.

Set aside a time each day when you will post, along with a time limit, and then sit calmly and take a minute of deep breaths.

Think about what you want to post before you open the site, including hashtags and/or links.

Be aware of when you’re rushing through your feed and your responses to being online. Congratulate yourself on noticing your reaction.

If you can, sit with an image or a post without swiping immediately to another. Come off the site and put your phone/device out of your line of vision. Take three deep breaths and continue with your day.

This article was originally published in Issue 11 – The Art of Learning

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