Time To Live Again

Even though her past is far from bright, Nadia’s art puts a smile on the faces of many today.

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Pablo Picasso

(Content warning – the following contains information and ideas relating to abuse and suicide, discretion is advised)

Artistically gifted or not; putting pencil to paper is undeniably cathartic.

Whether it’s completing the doodles from your childhood or creatively expressing your emotions as an adult – art as a form of healing is a notion that continues to be studied and proven effective. If you’ve ever felt the pangs of anxiety, you might know that sometimes a simple colouring in activity is enough to instil a sense of calm.

We learn the art-of-art not long after the gift of words, yet it is something we often suppress and lose touch with as we venture further down the path of life.Nadia Ackerman, a Sydney-born artist, singer, and entrepreneur – now living in Brooklyn, NY – knows the feeling of suppression all too well.

Nadia’s art puts a smile on the faces of many today – even though her past is far from bright, Nadia’s art puts a smile on the faces of many today. A survivor of childhood abuse, Nadia’s past is painful and sad, but she has been able to spin it into a positive light by channelling her feelings into her art.

Nadia and US filmmaker Jacquelyn Lobel’s documentary, Time To Live Again, has been nominated for a 2017 Daytime Emmy® Award in the “Outstanding Special Class – Short Format Daytime Program” category.

In this moving film, Nadia opens up about the sexual abuse she suffered when she was a child, and how through therapy and perseverance, she was able to heal herself and turn her past into something positive, fun and beautiful.

This story of hope and resilience chronicles the perspective of a true survivor. Awash with authenticity, Nadia’s art and music continue to uplift and invoke a sense of happiness in both adults and children alike.

Nadia’s hope is to become a mentor to young girls and boys and to encourage them to speak up about abuse. If you’re unsure on where to go or who to contact with regards to abuse or mental health, there are many resources available online, see Mental Health Australia for information.

Short Film "Time To Live Again" from Jacquelyn Lobel.

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