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Jenna Ramondo of Musings from the Moon shares her self-care rituals

Founder of Musings from the Moon, Jenna Ramondo is an intuitive illustrator and writer living in Victoria with her partner Ryan and little boy Louie. She creates affirmation cards, journals and books of poetry to inspire self-acceptance, a nurtured heart and the awareness of our inner magic. Her art is inspired by her own self-discoveries, meditations and the everyday moments when she takes the time to  breathe. Here she shares the value of daily affirmations as part of a self-care ritual.

How do daily affirmations support you mentally?

While life isn’t in my control, I know that what I choose to focus on is. Having a daily ritual like using affirmations helps me to gently place my attention on nourishing thoughts and intentions, which then flow into my words, actions, and experience of life. The intention for me when using affirmations isn’t to think “perfect” thoughts but to build a nurturing inner voice that holds me whether there is chaos or calm, and to open myself to new perspectives.

What is a simple affirmation ritual we can begin at home?

I always suggest taking a few moments to breathe and centre before using affirmations so that you can really absorb them. Then you can simply shuffle a deck of affirmation cards and intuitively draw one as your focus for the day or week. You might like to repeat the affirmation to yourself a few times with your eyes closed or share your affirmation with your loved ones.

I find it helpful to ask myself how I can take action or embody the affirmation so that I can really feel and see it working in my life rather than just thinking it in my mind. I might feel inspired to stretch or dance, make time for something fun, drink more water, set a loving boundary or have a difficult conversation. The most important thing I would say is to use affirmations in a way that feels nourishing for you.

What are your current favourite affirmations?

  • It is safe to be where I am.
  • I am so grateful for everything in my life and am excited for what is yet to come.
  • I trust that everything is working out in perfect timing.
  • I nurture my relationships and they bring me so much joy.

What are your other self-care rituals?

My self-care rituals change day to day depending on what I need, especially since I had my first baby six months ago. But I love to open a window first thing in the morning, close my eyes and breathe in the fresh air. Those few seconds of silence help me to pause and listen to my inner guidance.

I love stretching on my yoga mat while my little boy Louie is playing and watching me from the bed. Then I often choose an affirmation card and journal a line or two about them, or simply ask myself some questions surrounding them in my head.

At night I have five minutes in the bath before Louie joins me. Lately it’s been about making the most of the small in between moments to breathe and come back to the present moment.

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